• The Gift - Graphic Novel. Part 3
    The Gift - Graphic Novel. Part 3

The Gift - Graphic Novel. Part 3

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In this third volume about Greenland’s history, we find ourselves in 18th century West Greenland, where the Inuit and the Danish-Norwegian settlers populated the country, while in the summer on the sea, there was lively activity with the European whalers.

In “The Gift", we follow the Inuit boy Qajuuttaq who lives in Kangeq with his family. One summer, Qajuuttaq and his family enter the Nuuk fjord to make pots and lamps from soapstone and here his parents succumb to the smallpox epidemic. Qajuuttaq carves a kayak model in wood and lays it in his parents’ grave.

Qajuuttaq grows up with his father’s family and, as an adult, he and his family travel to Disko bay and take part in the whale hunt. While spending the winter in Disko bay, Qajuuttaq falls out with Asaleq and when Asaleq wants to sell Vqajuuttaq, the kayak model he had made for his parents’ grave, Qajuuttaq gets angry because Asaleq has stolen it from a sacred place. They agree to settle the dispute at the summer settlement on Taseralik.

“The Gift” is a tale of cultural meetings, mission, revenge killing, barter and friendship based on archaeological discoveries and historical sources from this period. The book is the third volume in the series “Oqaluttuat/Tales” and has been created through close collaboration between the Greenland educational media publishers Ilinniusiorfik and The National Museum of Denmark.

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Varenummer: 34443
Periode: Modern Age
Sideantal: 59
Indbinding: Hardcover
Illustrationer: Drawings in colour
Mål (BxH) i cm: 28 x 29
Forfatter: Lisbeth Valgreen, Nuka K. Godtfredsen
Forlag: Ilinniusiorfik
Serie: Oqaluttuaq
Udgivelsesår: 2015
Sprog: English


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